What are the characteristics of metal enclosures?

2020-09-27 17:33:33

Metal enclosures are mainly used in the production industry. Compared with the other three revolving products, the price is slightly higher, but it has great advantages in actual use. Therefore, metal enclosures have become mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. The all-metal turnover box is made of cold-rolled steel with new technology, which is durable, and the galvanized spray paint technology has strong oxidation resistance, and the low can guarantee the five-year service life of the metal enclosure. Metal hoarding boxes have extremely strong carrying capacity, and generally load above 1T. They are used in the automobile industry, machinery manufacturing industry, metal fittings and other industries. Metal hoarding boxes can be used for mechanized operations such as forklifts, cranes and elevators without pallets, saving time and manpower and increasing operating power. It can be stacked up to four floors, saving warehouse building and mine construction, convenient for regular management, and foldable planning. Even the boxes in the stacked state can be opened sideways to pick up goods, and they can be folded and stored when not in use to save a lot of space. It can be recycled and has a low cost per time. It is a modern environmentally friendly product.

The product planning is transparent, the inventory is simple, and the folding ratio is 1:3, which saves storage space and is deeply loved by customers. Most industrial enterprises now use traditional wooden box packaging. Wooden boxes waste resources, have unstable structures, and are susceptible to damp and moth, which simply causes safety problems for the product. However, the cost of acquiring iron boxes is high, and it is difficult to recover the management. Automobile manufacturing companies are now more and more oriented towards flexible and co-line production, which further increases the requirements for punctuality, accuracy and pass rate of parts supply. The standardization of parts transportation and packaging planning and the standardization of packaging equipment will become an indispensable part of the lean logistics system. Most auto companies now do not have a consistent packaging planning center. Packaging planning and packaging equipment for parts and components are provided by suppliers. This results in a wide variety of packaging and uneven quality, increasing the storage operation process, and many problems. Come, and these costs are included in the parts, the opacity of packaging costs directly lead to the instability of auto parts prices.

To improve this situation, auto parts companies must manage in a consistent direction of box packaging, which can be summarized as consistent planning, consistent planning, consistent acquisition, consistent repair, and consistent management.


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